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Local Man Takes Wing With Hobby (audio)

Steve Broome, talking flight with Randy Bishop this morning on Sunny 104.7!

Steve Broome has a passion for flight, and he’s figured out a way to enjoy flight while he remains on the ground. His hobby? Flying radio-controlled aircraft. He stays busy with his local club, and on a national level as well. Here, he discusses his club, and some problems that have emerged with another means of model flight:

Steve got started in 1980, after his brother bought the first aircraft in the family. And while he’s perfectly comfortable in his world of flight, anyone on the outside looking in may have misconceptions about the hobby. Steve knows of several:

The hobby has gotten more exciting, and much faster, with the introduction of jet-engine technology:

If you would like to know more about the fascinating world of flying radio-controlled airplanes, contact Steve Broome at 580-716-3464!