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Luttrell and Pfieffer Speak To Ponca City


State Representatives Ken Luttrell and John Pfeiffer recently spoke to Kay County residents on Friday afternoon during the Ponca Politics Legislature forum at Ponca City City Hall.

Both representatives said they were encouraged by recent moves to reform government in Oklahoma and that things should be moving along faster. Luttrell said that the past few weeks have been busy in the House preparing bills to go to the Senate. He also thanked those whohad shared their thoughts with him.

Pfeiffer said about 400 bills were sent to the Senate in recent weeks with about the same number being sent back and that the House Budget Committee has sent its first draft of the budget to the Senate and he applauded the recent passage of major government reforms.

Citizens had the opportunity to ask the Representatives questions and receive their answers. Both representatives said they were excited to see the change in state government. Pfeiffer said Oklahoma has hope again and that he is excited to see how things are at the end of the legislation session. Luttrell echoed what Pfeiffer said and added that it makes him glad to get up and go to work every day.