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New exhibit featuring Ponca Chief White Eagle at Marland’s Grand Home


A new exhibit of items once belonging to Ponca Chief White Eagle is on display at the Marland’s Grand Home. The items, which date back to the early 1900s, were given to the City of Ponca City to be placed in the Indian Museum. The items were originally given to Mr. Ora Atkins, a friend of Chief White Eagle, while Mr. Atkins was a blacksmith on the Ponca Reservation. Mr. Atkins later worked as a police officer for the Ponca City Police Department. After Mr. Aitkin’s death in 1948, the items were donated by his wife, Nellie.

Among the items are two peace pipes, a beaded pipe pouch, a beaded pouch, a beaded peyote bag, a pair of beaded garters, a beaded belt and hat band, some silver trade bracelets, and four celluloid souvenir buttons from the 101 Ranch store featuring prominent Native Americans of the area.

White Eagle was the Ponca Chief from 1870 to 1904 and was a friend of the 101 Ranch Miller Brothers and oil explorer E.W. Marland. The Millers leased many acres from the Ponca people. Marland met with Chief White Eagle to discuss an agreement to allow him to drill on some of the leased land. The well drilled came in a gusher and was known as the “Willie Cries for War #9”. This well was the beginning of the 101 Ranch Oil Company, which later became the Marland Oil Company.

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