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Newkirk City Street Project On The Move Forward


There are a number of streets in Newkirk that are in need of repairs due to deterioration from the weather, as well as traffic and age. The city is one step closer to rehabilitating those streets as the Newkirk City Council discussed several contract bids at the Feb. 25 meeting. The city opened bids at 3 p.m. on Feb. 21, which included contractors Tri-State Paving and Evans & Associates of Ponca City.

Most projects required only a basic rehabilitation of base repairs, and slurry or micro seal. Those streets include:

  • Apple Street – from Sixth Street to Fourth Street
  • Cedar Street – from Eighth Street to Peckham Road
  • Cedar Street – from Eighth Street to Ninth Street
  • Eight Street – from Apple Street to Peach Street
  • Peach Street – from Seventh Street to Ninth Street
  • Ninth Street – from Pleasant View Road to Plum Street

Additional projects include improvement to to drainage to Cedar Street, from Eighth Street to Peckham Road and Apple Street, from 12th Street to South Street. There were also several alternative projects in the bid, including the intersection of N Street and Second Street, Boaz Street and Magnolia Street, and Fifth Street, between Main Street and Maple Street.

Tri-State paving bid $157,328 for the base total, with a bid on alternative projects at $195,861. Evans & Associates bid $689,092.50 for the base, with $195, 870.19 for alternative projects. The city council was not happy with the bids however. According to the Newkirk Herald, City Manager Jane Thomas said that she is disappointed with the high bids. Thomas also said that the city attorney is studying the bid documents and contracts and will be discussed at a later meeting.

The meeting was tabled, and the council will revisit it at the meeting this upcoming Momday, March 11.