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Newkirk First Responders looking for support through OBI blood drive


June 23, 2020 – Newkirk’s first responders are looking for citizens to support their efforts through blood donation with Oklahoma Blood Institute.  Those who give at the Boots & Badges blood drive on Friday, July 10th, will provide blood needed to save local lives, such as those that firefighters and law enforcement officers save every day.

Healthy adults are urged to give blood at Newkirk Fire Department between 1pm and 6pm.  All donors will receive special-edition Boots & Badges T-shirts.  By giving blood at this drive, donors will show their support for the firefighters and law enforcement officers who serve their community.

Oklahoma Blood Institute is also offering FREE COVID-19 antibody testing for blood donors ages 18 and up at this Boots & Badges Blood Drive.* Donation appointments are needed to allow for recommended social distancing.

COVID-19 has taken a tremendous toll on the blood supply, and Oklahoma Blood Institute has an immediate need for eligible blood donors of all blood types.

“Newkirk first responders see the daily need for blood first-hand when the people they rescue require life-saving treatment,” said John Armitage, M.D., President & CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute.  “We can’t say enough about the service our police officers and firefighters provide, and we owe it to them to do our part in making sure blood is available in emergency situations.”

Appointments for the blood drive may be made by calling 877-340-8777 or visiting

* 16 year olds must weigh at least 125 and provide signed parental permission; 17 year olds must weigh at least 125 pounds, 18+ year olds must weigh at least 110 pounds. Must be 18 or older to receive antibody test. This test has not been reviewed by the FDA and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19.