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Newkirk Main Street To Hold Retail Meeting


The city of Newkirk is filled with different retail establishments. From grocery and convenience stores to auto parts and farm and ranch establishments. Newkirk Main Street would like to enhance the retail atmosphere and with a new retail analysis to document, they are inviting the public to a special meeting to address retail at 5 p.m. on March 7 at the Newkirk Main Street building at 116 North Main.

The 50-page retail analysis was prepared by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The meeting will be led by Jeremy Zeller, of the Oklahoma Main Street program. According to the Newkirk Herlad, Newkirk Main Street Director Alyssa McCleery said that the retail analysis is an essential tool that provides data on market strengths and weaknesses. McCleery also said that it reflects the input, desires and vision of the community it serves.

There are many factors in the retail analysis that address the market atmosphere in the community. Some factors include information about consumers, businesses and trends, and help local leaders choose a direction for the community to go. It can also help find potential opportunities in the communities. The publication will also help identify where consumers are coming from, and help attract more out-of-town consumers to the downtown district, as well as provide the demographics of the community. Participants will also understand how the buildings are being used, what consumers are spending money on and consumer perspective on the community.

This will also help identify the weaknesses and how to overcome them. Throughout the meeting, participants will provide their input on where the retail business should move forward.

The learn more about the meeting, visit Newkirk Main Street at 116 North Main in Newkirk, or call 580-362-2377.