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Newkirk Plans For Amphitheater Are Good To Go


The Kay County Commission gave the green light for a grass-roots effort to construct an amphitheater on the south lawn of the courthouse in Newkirk.

The commission approved the measure unanimously during its regular meeting on Monday morning. Representatives of Newkirk Main Street and the Amphitheater’s advisory board were present at the meeting. Project advocate Karen Dye told the commission that she would share the approved location, which would be a parcel of the southeast corner of the property where the old high school was located.

According to Ponca City News, Dye said that she was content with the approved spot and that she realized it was likely the only workable option that wouldn’t be an issue with future plans to construct a new courthouse annex.

The Amphitheater project has been in the works since the summer of 2017. A handful of Newkirk residents, supported by that of Newkirk Main Street, held public forums and brainstorming sessions. Many of those early planning sessions were well-attended by Newkirk residents that wanted to share their ideas for the outdoor concert and event venue. One design idea shared was using as much rock as possible from the old high school.

The project is to be funded by private money and NOT tax dollars. Meaning it will rely entirely on donations or grant money. No time has been set for construction or completion of the undertaking. Suggested use of the venue would be for the school band and choir concerts, reviving a community band, weddings, festivals, concerts of all sizes and types and city-sponsored events.