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Noble, Payne and numerous Oklahoma counties placed under burn ban


The Oklahoma Forestry Services has placed Noble and Payne counties under a burn ban through the end of the month.

As for the entire state of Oklahoma, here are all the counties in the burn ban:

  1. Alfalfa County
  2. Beaver County
  3. Blaine County
  4. Caddo County
  5. Canadian County
  6. Carter County
  7. Cimarron County
  8. Comanche County
  9. Cotton County
  10. Custer County
  11. Dewey County
  12. Garvin County
  13. Grady County
  14. Greer County
  15. Harmon County
  16. Harper County
  17. Jackson County
  18. Jefferson County
  19. Kiowa County
  20. Logan County
  21. Love County
  22. Major County
  23. Marshall County
  24. Noble County
  25. Oklahoma County
  26. Payne County
  27. Stephens County
  28. Texas County
  29. Tillman County
  30. Woodward County.

Under the burn ban, it’s illegal to set fire to any forest, grass, range, crop, or other wildlands. Campfires, burning trash, and bonfires are also prohibited.

Anyone that’s caught violating the burn ban could face a $500 fine and one year in prison.