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NOC employees earn service awards


Northern Oklahoma College honored each of their employees who met the following service milestones as employees at NOC.

  Normally, the employees are honored in May of each year but the ceremony was postponed due to Covid-19.  The ceremony honoring the employees will be held at a later date.

  “It is disappointing that we aren’t able to recognize all of these wonderful people in person just yet, but we are happy to share about their dedication and service to NOC,” said NOC President Dr. Cheryl Evans.  “We are blessed with so many caring individuals who make a daily difference for our students.

44 Years

Ron Geiser, Northern Management Services –NOC Partnership

25 Years

Anita Simpson, Vice President for Financial Affairs – Tonkawa

20 Years

Cathy Ballard, Math Instructor – Tonkawa

Shannon Cranford, Director of Human Resources – Tonkawa

Jimilea Jansson, Bookstore Manager – Tonkawa

Raydon Leaton, Vice President for Enid

Allan Paul Lester, Security Officer – Enid

John Reames, Deliveryman – Tonkawa

15 years

Bart Allen, Business Instructor – Tonkawa

Jeremy Cook, Social Science Instructor – Stillwater

Tamera Davis, Language Arts Instructor – Stillwater

Cassandra Firth, Math Instructor – Stillwater

Deborah Garoutte, Director of Project Achieve – Enid

Todd Ging, Business Instructor – Enid

Brad Gordon, Associate Registrar – Tonkawa

Jamie Haney, Director of Printing Services – Tonkawa

Bryon Lewis, Special Event Setup – Enid

Sherrie Martin, Ag Life Instructor – Stillwater

Steven McClaren, Social Science Instructor – Enid

Terri Pearcy, Bookstore Assistant – Tonkawa

Jeffrey Tate, Language Arts Instructor – Enid

10 Years

Mardeena Huschka, Staff Assistant to Financial Aid – Tonkawa

Trenton Leslie, IT Support Technician – Tonkawa

Kim Ochoa, Director of Alumni & Community Relations – Tonkawa

5 Years

Denise Bay, Executive Assistant to President – Tonkawa

Renna Bowers, Coordinator of Residence Life & Student Activities – Tonkawa

Bobbie Carson, Data Systems Technician – Tonkawa

Lynn Demuth, Math Instructor – Tonkawa

Lori Erasmus, Staff Assistant to IT – Tonkawa

Mary Gard, Ag Life Instructor – Stillwater

Janet Jarvis, Administrative Assistant to VP of Stillwater

Stony Jones, Motor Pool Technician – Tonkawa

Dina Kleinmann, Graphic Design Specialist – Tonkawa

Mary Ann Moody, Threlkeld Residence Hall Director – Tonkawa

Charmaine Munro, Science Instructor – Enid

Blair Turney, Coordinator of High School & College Relations – Tonkawa

Kayla Wooderson, Administrative Assistant to Development – Tonkawa

1 Year

Courtney Balli, Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs/ Assistant Grant Coordinator – Tonkawa

Susan Barnes, Coordinator of Testing – Stillwater

Terry Chartier, Security Officer – Enid

Ofelia Delgadillo, Custodian – Enid

Casey Durbin, Student Account Specialist – Tonkawa

Chris Gerber, Coordinator of Residence Life & Student Activities – Enid

Megan Hill, Head Softball Coach – Enid

Ian Layne, Staff Assistant to Upward Bound – Enid

Jennifer Lechtenberg, Custodian – Tonkawa

Kenneth Matthews, Language Arts Instructor – Tonkawa

Courtney Mikolajezuk, Staff Assistant to Scholars for Excellence – Stillwater

Paul Nguyen, Math Instructor – Stillwater

Darryl Rogers, Maintenance Technician – Enid

Christian Samanamu-Chavez, Physical Science Instructor- Tonkawa

Suzanne Tate, Registration Specialist – Stillwater

Matthew Trudel, IT Coordinator – Stillwater

  Northern Oklahoma College, the state’s first public community college, is a multi-campus, land-grant institution that provides high quality, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities and services which create life-changing experiences and develop students as effective learners and leaders within their communities in a connected, ever changing world.

  NOC, a public two-year community college, serves 4,200 students on the home campus in Tonkawa, branch in Enid, NOC/OSU Gateway Program in Stillwater, online, and the University Center in Ponca City.

In 2019, NOC celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the Enid campus and a 15-year partnership with OSU for the Gateway Program.

  NOC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers associate degrees in three general areas: Arts, Science and Applied Science.  The associate degree fulfills lower-division course work which is applicable towards a bachelor’s degree.

  Call (580) 628-6200 for more information about Northern Oklahoma College or visit .