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NOC Instructors of the Year named


  Northern Oklahoma College students selected instructors Cathy Ballard, Brian Baird, and Scott Harmon as the top instructors for 2020-21.

  Instructors are selected based on the results of a survey with 221 students responding on which teacher helped them learn better than any other and what the teacher did to make that difference.

  “It is so rewarding to read the results of the survey,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Pam Stinson said, “because we can celebrate the top three for the time, energy, and passion that they put into helping students while also seeing how many of our instructors are having a similar impact.”

  Following are a few samples of the student survey.



Cathy Ballard

“She made sure we understood. If you were struggling, she would take the extra time to work with you and help you. I never was good with math; because of her I was able to excel in both classes I had with her.”

  “Mrs. Ballard not only helped me learn but she also helped me feel more at home. She asked questions on how we were and told us stories about her life. I saw her on campus and she asked how my classes were going and offered help if I needed it.”

  “She takes her time to actually teach while still making sure we get all the material we need in. I feel that she truly cares about her students’ education rather than just rushing through the course.”

  “Mrs. Ballard really took the time to make sure I was learning what she was teaching. If I didn’t understand something, she wouldn’t give up until I got it. She takes her time, is patient, and very kind.”


Brian Baird

  “Mr. Baird takes the time to thoroughly explain his lectures. When one of his recordings didn’t upload, he took the time to stay after class and go over the almost two-hour lecture again, just so it would be available to nursing students. Mr. Baird is an asset to NOC!”

 “He engaged the class with questions, real life scenarios and made learning fun by providing comedic skits to enhance our memory.”

  “He is the most amazing, charismatic teacher that fights with his student to understand the material and walks with us to clarification. He goes out of his way to encourage each individual to do their best and strive for academic success and on top of that actually enjoys the teaching process. He breaks down material to easily understand and gives so many tips and tricks to help his students.”

  “Mr. Baird is always very helpful and accommodates to different learning styles of every student so that we all have an equal learning opportunity. He is always open to spending extra time with students so that they fully understand. He makes learning fun and I appreciate him always being a constant in the nursing program.”



Scott Harmon

  “Scott Harmon teaches in a very engaging way and is very passionate about everything he teaches. He is very helpful and encouraging whenever anyone needs help with anything at all. Harmon teaches in such a way that every student feels confident enough to speak up for help and not feel intimidated or unintelligent for not knowing something. He is friendly and an all-around good person.”

  “He does an amazing job with the lectures. He is very charismatic. He is passionate about what he teaches and makes the class convenient for all students.”

  “Explained it further than just going over it, and had many examples.”

  “Showed passion about the subjects he teaches and encourages excellence from all of his students through assignments and actions in and out of the classroom; provides an easy way to learn the material from the way he teaches.”

  Survey data is compiled by Dr. Kathleen Otto, Director of Institutional Research.

  This is the 3rd year students have completed the survey.

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  NOC, a public two-year community college, serves nearly 5,000 students on the home campus in Tonkawa, branch in Enid, NOC/OSU Gateway Program in Stillwater, online, and the University Center in Ponca City. Of these students about 60% receive financial aid and/or scholarships.  Over 80% of NOC students complete their degree with zero debt.

  NOC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers associate degrees in three general areas: Arts, Science and Applied Science.  The associate degree fulfills lower-division course work which is applicable towards a bachelor’s degree.

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