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NOC offering “Power Up Your Summer” workshops


Students who have just completed the 8th Grade and would like to have a summer experience focusing on Oklahoma’s fastest-growing energy sector can attend the Northern Oklahoma College’s “Power Up Your Summer” workshops.

During the week of June 13, NOC will be hosting three one-day science and technology workshops where students will be introduced to various forms of energy, including electricity, wind, hydropower, and solar.

Students will participate in design projects that will allow them to see how different types of energy are transformed to allow for energy to be transported to their homes. Some of the activities planned include building and designing wind turbines, solar powered cars, and solar fountains. Students will be able to “Power-Up their Summer” while learning about electricity and electric circuits.

The experience is being paid for by a grant from the Oklahoma State Higher Education Regents, so there is no cost to the student, but students must apply to be considered for the academy and space is limited.

The application can be found on the NOC Website at and is due by March 31.

Students will be selected at random from the received applications, and will be notified by April 8, if selected.