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Northbound I-35 Traffic Detoured through Tonkawa


All Northbound Interstate-35 traffic will be detoured through Tonkawa, until further notice, due to a vehicle wreck. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Tonkawa Police Department reported the vehicle collision occurred, this morning, and expect the northbound lanes to be closed for quite some time until crews can work the accident and clear the roadway. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol advised that traffic, in Tonkawa, is expected to be heavy on Main Street and possibly North Avenue as a result. The increased traffic of vehicles, busses, semi trucks, etc. may cause travel delays on Main Street and North Avenue. Please use caution. Some portions of the School Zone(s) may experience travel delays due to increased traffic. Students, please use caution as you drive or walk to school. Please plan accordingly for your travels, this morning, if you plan to use Main Street and North Avenue.