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Oklahoma Flags at Half Staff


If you have seen flags being flown at half staff, it is to honor the victims of the Las Vegas Mass shooting.  Gov. Mary Fallin ordered all flags in Oklahoma to be flown at half staff until sunset on Friday to honor the victims killed or wounded in Las Vegas Sunday night.

The Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend, back in the United States, will be at the center of the investigation into the shooting deaths of 59 people as authorities try to determine why a man with no known record of violence or crime would open fire on a concert crowd from a high-rise hotel.

Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley, 62, was in the Philippines at the time of the shooting, and was met by FBI agents at the airport in Los Angeles late last night.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, who called Danley a “person of interest” in the attack, said he is “absolutely” confident authorities will find out what set off Paddock, a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler and retired accountant who killed himself before police stormed his 32nd-floor room.

Paddock transferred $100,000 to the Philippines in the days before the shooting.  As for what may have set Paddock off, retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente speculated that there was “some sort of major trigger in his life — a great loss, a breakup, or maybe he just found out he has a terminal disease.”