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Oklahoma surpasses 3,000 COVID-19 cases; One new case for Kay County


As of 11 a.m. on Thursday, 123 new positive cases of COVID-19 were documented for the state of Oklahoma, making the new number of cases reported since March to be 3,017.

Locally, Kay, Payne and Logan counties both have one new COVID-19 case, and 3 new cases in Osage County. No changes for Garfield, Grant, Noble and Pawnee counties

In addition, 9 new deaths from the Coronavirus were added, none of which occurred in Kay or surrounding counties.

Good new is that 112 more Oklahomans have recovered from the Coronavirus, bringing Oklahoma’s number of recoveries up to 1,884.Osage County has 2 new recoveries and 1 recovery in Garfield and Payne counties.

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Below are stats for local counties:

OSAGE – 68 COVID-19 cases/8 deaths/38 recoveries

KAY – 47 COVID-19 cases/6 deaths/37 recoveries

PAYNE – 40 COVID-19 cases/No deaths/27 recoveries

PAWNEE – 28 COVID-19 cases/2 deaths/20 recoveries

GARFIELD – 11 COVID-19 cases/1 death/8 recoveries

LOGAN – 11 COVID-19 cases/No deaths/8 recoveries

NOBLE – 6 COVID-19 cases/No deaths/5 recoveries

GRANT – 2 COVID-19 cases/No deaths/2 recoveries