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OSDH reporting 115 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday


Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting 115 new COVID-19 cases for Tuesday. Oklahoma’s seen 447,393 COVID-19 cases as 10,122 cases are active. Other data shows that the provisional death count rose by one to put the state’s death toll to 8,230.

Kay County has seen 5,290 COVID-19 cases, 125 deaths and 5,047 recoveries. Therefor, Kay County currently has 118 active cases. Data for local communities is posted below:

Data for Kay County communities is posted below:


PONCA CITY – 3,877 COVID-19 cases/80 deaths/3,717 recoveries

BLACKWELL – 674 COVID-19 cases/27 deaths/623 recoveries

NEWKIRK – 437 COVID-19 cases/6 deaths/421 recoveries

TONKAWA – 373 COVID-19 cases/15 deaths/352 recoveries

KAW CITY – 63 COVID-19 cases/3 deaths/60 recoveries

BRAMAN – 24 COVID-19 cases/1 death/22 recoveries



Posted below is data for local counties outside of Kay County:

PAYNE – 8,644 COVID-19 cases/70 deaths/8,442 recoveries

GARFIELD – 7,758 COVID-19 cases/128 deaths/7,465 recoveries

OSAGE – 4,654 COVID-19 cases/72 deaths/4,478 recoveries

PAWNEE – 1,770 COVID-19 cases/47 deaths/1,683 recoveries

NOBLE – 1,375 COVID-19 cases/19 deaths/1,315 recoveries

GRANT – 547 COVID-19 cases/7 deaths/533 recoveries


According to OSDH, 1,782 recoveries were documented Tuesday as Oklahoma’s recovery total is now at 428,811. 197 hospitalizations were also documented to put the hospitalization total to 25,694. Go to to learn more.

In terms of COVID-19 vaccines, a total of 2,500,302 doses have been administered. This includes 1,190,280 prime doses given and 914,183 completed series. Learn more about vaccines in Oklahoma by going to All Oklahomans are eligible to receive the vaccine.