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OSDH reporting 270 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday


The Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting 270 new positive COVID-19 cases for Tuesday. Oklahoma’s seen 429,432 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic started. There are 11,637 active COVID-19 cases which is 401 less than Monday.

OSDH is reporting that after going through backlogs, the correct death toll for the state is 7,219. This is more than 2,500 than what was last posted (4,534). Two additional deaths have been added for Kay County for individuals from Blackwell and Tonkawa. Also includes four for Osage County and one for Noble County.

Kay County saw no new COVID-19 cases for Tuesday, putting the county’s overall stats to 5,104 COVID-19 cases, 83 deaths and 4,880 recoveries. Kay County currently has 143 active COVID-19 cases, which is seven less than Monday. Data for local communities is posted below:


Ponca City – 3,734 cases/47 deaths/3,586 recoveries

Blackwell – 647 cases/19 deaths/605 recoveries

Newkirk – 430 cases/3 death/412 recoveries

Tonkawa – 357 cases/15 deaths/335 recoveries

Kaw City – 62 cases/1 death/61 recoveries

Braman – 22 cases/1 death/20 recoveries


As for new cases in local counties, there are 14 for Washington, 10 for Payne, two for Osage and one for Garfield. There are no new cases for Grant, Pawnee and Noble counties. Data for local counties is posted below:


Payne County – 8,452 cases/49 deaths/8,213 recoveries

Garfield County – 7,621 cases/82 deaths/7,362 recoveries

Kay County – 5,104 cases/83 deaths/4,880 recoveries

Washington County – 4,898 cases/91 deaths/4,684 recoveries

Osage County – 4,517 cases/56 deaths/4,364 recoveries

Logan County – 4,020 cases/31 deaths/3,851 recoveries

Pawnee County – 1,731 cases/33 deaths/1,647 recoveries

Noble County – 1,358 cases/14 deaths/1,294 recoveries

Grant County – 540 cases/7 deaths/526 recoveries


OSDH is reporting 504 new recoveries for Tuesday. Oklahoma’s recovery total is now at 413,094. In order for a recovery to count, the recovered patient must not be deceased or hospitalized and it has been 14 days since their report.

There have been 1,007,817 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered in Oklahoma and that there are 368,851 completed series. The number of prime doses given is 638,966. There have also been 649,525 prime doses allocated and 540,985 boost doses allocated.

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The Kay County Health Department announced early Tuesday morning that at this time, they have appointments available on the portal today, March 9, for individuals in the Phase 1, 2 and 3 priority groups.

You can register for your COVID-19 vaccination at

As of Tuesday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that individuals in Phase 3 can schedule a vaccination appointment. Phase 3 priority groups include teachers, students(age 18 and older), residents and administrative staff in educational settings outside PreK-12. Also included are individuals working in a critical infrastructure at high risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Click here to view the list of essential industries and learn if you’re eligible.