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OSDH reporting over 7,000 COVID-19 cases since Friday


The Oklahoma State Department of Health has reported 7,611 COVID-19 cases over the weekend.

Oklahoma has seen 216,486 COVID-19 cases as 31,648 cases are active.

A total of 36 virus-related deaths have been reported since Friday to put Oklahoma’s death toll to 1,896. One virus-related death was reported for Payne and Washington counties.

Kay County saw an increase over the weekend with 75 new COVID-19 cases. This puts Kay County at 2,107 COVID-19 cases, 26 deaths and 1,715 recoveries.

For new cases in local counties, there are 139 for Payne, 119 for Washington, 106 for Garfield, 104 for Logan, 67 for Osage, 43 for Noble, 41 for Pawnee and eight for Grant.


Payne County – 4,607 cases/22 deaths/4,095 recoveries

Garfield County – 4,274 cases/37 deaths/3,673 recoveries

Washington County – 2,284 cases/50 deaths/1,909 recoveries

Osage County – 2,199 cases/19 deaths/1,905 recoveries

Kay County – 2,107 cases/26 deaths/1,715 recoveries

Logan County – 1,777 cases/4 deaths/1,377 recoveries

Pawnee County – 674 cases/9 deaths/572 recoveries

Noble County – 633 cases/4 deaths/501 recoveries

Grant County – 235 cases/5 deaths/201 recoveries


OSDH has also reported 5,378 recoveries since Friday to put Oklahoma’s recovery total to 182,942. In order for a recovery to count, the recovered patient must not be deceased or hospitalized and it has been 14 days since their report.

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