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OSDH reports 1,777 new COVID-19 cases Friday


The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 1,777 new COVID-19 cases Friday.


According to the recent situation report from July 30, Oklahoma’s seen an overall total of 480,635 COVID-19 cases. The new cases 7-day rolling average is 1,351. There are 11,532 active COVID-19 cases statewide. Oklahoma’s seen a total of 27,969 hospitalizations. The CDC’s provisional death count is at 8,731.


The recent information for counties at Coronavirus.Oklahoma.Gov shows that Kay County has seen 5,475 COVID-19 cases, 128 deaths and 5,271 recoveries.


Data for Kay County communities is posted below:


PONCA CITY – 4,006 COVID-19 cases/84 deaths/3,865 recoveries

BLACKWELL – 699 COVID-19 cases/28 deaths/663 recoveries

NEWKIRK – 458 COVID-19 cases/6 deaths/446 recoveries

TONKAWA – 382 COVID-19 cases/15 deaths/366 recoveries

KAW CITY – 67 COVID-19 cases/3 deaths/61 recoveries

BRAMAN – 25 COVID-19 cases/1 death/24 recoveries


The Kay County Health Department shared data on their Facebook page last Thursday stating that 47.6% of eligible Oklahomans are fully vaccinated (+0.5% increase from last week). 90% of positive COVID-19 test samples submitted to OSDH in July had the Delta variant present.


In terms of exact numbers, a total of 3,422,699 doses of the vaccine have been administered. This includes 1,869,510 first does and 1,582,479 Oklahomans that are fully vaccinated.


A new situation report will be released later today.