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OSDH reports 2,596 COVID-19 cases Monday, Kay County with 48 new cases


The Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting 2,596 COVID-19 cases for Monday, Dec. 21. Oklahoma’s seen an overall total of 263,434 COVID-19 cases as 36,544 cases are active.

Six virus-related deaths were documented on Monday to put Oklahoma’s death toll to 2,218.

Kay County has 48 new COVID-19 cases, putting the county at 2,836 cases, 28 deaths and 2,264 recoveries. There are 544 active COVID-19 cases for Kay County. As for new cases in Kay County communities, there are 36 for Ponca City, eight for Blackwell, two each for Braman and Tonkawa and one each for Kaw City and Newkirk


Ponca City – 2,080 cases/14 deaths/1,675 recoveries

Blackwell – 333 cases/5 deaths/269 recoveries

Newkirk – 247 cases/1 death/190 recoveries

Tonkawa – 192 cases/6 deaths/148 recoveries

Kaw City – 38 cases/1 death/32 recoveries

Braman – 12 cases/0 deaths/8 recoveries


As for new COVID-19 cases in local counties, there are 52 for Logan, 43 for Garfield, 42 for Washington, 30 for Osage, 29 for Payne, 10 for Noble and seven each for Grant and Pawnee.


Payne County – 5,400 cases/25 deaths/4,759 recoveries

Garfield County – 4,970 cases/41 deaths/4,428 recoveries

Washington County – 2,884 cases/53 deaths/2,419 recoveries

Kay County – 2,836 cases/28 deaths/2,264 recoveries

Osage County – 2,691 cases/24 deaths/2,319 recoveries

Logan County – 2,249 cases/6 deaths/1,864 recoveries

Pawnee County – 913 cases/9 deaths/717 recoveries

Noble County – 873 cases/5 deaths/704 recoveries

Grant County – 333 cases/5 deaths/262 recoveries


OSDH is also reporting 1,798 recoveries for Monday, putting Oklahoma’s recovery total to 224,672. In order for a recovery to count, the recovered patient must not be deceased or hospitalized and it has been 14 days since their report.

As of Friday, Dec. 18, health officials report that there have been 2,192,087 negative test results, 14,970 total hospitalizations and 1,733 Oklahomans currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.

Also, 2,253 vaccine doses have been administered in Oklahoma, and the state has received 33,150 doses.