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OSDH reports One new death for Kay County, 2,320 new COVID-19 cases and 2,969 new recoveries Thursday


The Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting 2,320 COVID-19 for Thursday, putting Oklahoma at 381,430 COVID-19 cases overall. There are 29,171 COVID-19 active cases in Oklahoma, which is 684 less than Wednesday.

OSDH has documented 35 virus-related deaths for Thursday, putting Oklahoma’s death toll to 3,423. This includes a Kay County male from Blackwell in the 65 or older age group and a Washington County female in the 65 or older age group.

Kay County has 38 new COVID-19 cases and 41 recoveries for Thursday, putting the county’s stats to 4,679 COVID-19 cases, 56 deaths and 4,199 recoveries. There are 424 active COVID-19 cases for Kay County, which is four less than Wednesday’s amount. Data for communities within Kay County is posted below:


Ponca City – 3,448 cases/31 deaths/3,095 recoveries

Blackwell – 581 cases/13 deaths/511 recoveries

Newkirk – 381 cases/2 death/351 recoveries

Tonkawa – 323 cases/10 deaths/284 recoveries

Kaw City – 58 cases/1 death/55 recoveries

Braman – 19 cases/0 deaths/18 recoveries


As for new COVID-19 cases in local counties, there are 45 for Washington, 43 for Payne, 28 for Osage, 16 for Garfield, 13 for Logan, eight for Pawnee, three for Noble and one for Grant. Data for local counties is posted below:


Payne County – 7,679 cases/41 deaths/7,085 recoveries

Garfield County – 6,754 cases/58 deaths/6,290 recoveries

Kay County – 4,679 cases/56 deaths/4,199 recoveries

Washington County – 4,094 cases/76 deaths/3,706 recoveries

Osage County – 3,999 cases/38 deaths/3,649 recoveries

Logan County – 3,551 cases/23 deaths/3,211 recoveries

Pawnee County – 1,444 cases/21 deaths/1,302 recoveries

Noble County – 1,214 cases/8 deaths/1,124 recoveries

Grant County – 483 cases/5 deaths/449 recoveries


OSDH is also reporting 2,969 new recoveries for Thursday, putting Oklahoma’s recovery total to 348,836. In order for a recovery to count, the recovered patient must not be deceased or hospitalized and it has been 14 days since their report.

There have been 278,151 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered in Oklahoma and that there are 35,822 completed series. The number of prime doses given is 242,329. There have also been 315,875 prime doses allocated and 174,900 boost doses allocated. These numbers will likely be updated on Friday.

Health officials report that as of Thursday, there have been 2,750,480 total negative test results, 21,478 hospitalizations and 1,375 people currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.

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