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Payne County sees another big jump in COVID-19 cases, 225 new cases across Oklahoma


The Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting 225 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma on Saturday, making it the most amount of new cases in a day since the pandemic. This surpasses the 222 cases reported Friday. There have been 8,073 positive COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma since testing started, and 1,578 active cases at this time.

Locally, Payne County has 25 new COVID-19 cases to put their overall total of cases to 92. Pawnee County has five new COVID-19 cases, two new cases for Osage County and one each for Garfield, Logan and Noble counties. No new cases for Kay and Grant counties. County data is posted below.

  • Osage County- 106 cases overall/8 deaths/90 recoveries
  • Payne County – 97 cases overall/1 death/45 recoveries
  • Kay County – 65 cases overall/7 deaths/49 recoveries
  • Garfield County – 46 cases overall/1 death/26 recoveries
  • Pawnee County – 41 cases overall/2 deaths/31 recoveries
  • Logan County – 23 cases overall/1 death/19 recoveries
  • Noble County – 9 cases overall/no deaths/7 recoveries
  • Grant County – 2 cases overall/no deaths/2 recoveries

There were no new virus-related deaths documented for Saturday as Oklahoma’s death toll remains at 359. A total of 104 Oklahomans have recovered from COVID-19, putting the state’s recovery total at 6,495.