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Payne County Sheriff seeks man charged with shooting.


The Payne County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a suspect who was charged Monday in Payne County District Court after he was accused of shooting and wounding a man early Sunday morning.

Dakota Cheyenne Pearce, 23, is charged with shooting with intent to kill as well as first-degree burglary, and an officer safety broadcast has been issued for both he and his girlfriend, Kallea Cowie. Undersheriff Kevin Woodward said the victim, Jason Turner, is not seriously wounded after he suffered a small-caliber bullet wound to his groin. The firearm is anticipated to be about a .22 caliber, according to Woodward.

An affidavit requesting an issued arrest warrant based on probable cause alleges that Stillwater officers made contact with Turner at about 6 a.m. Sunday, and Turner told them he had been shot at a residence west of Stillwater city limits. Turner said that he has been staying at the residence for a while and between 4-5 a.m., Pearce “kicked in the front door … Turner came out of his bedroom, into the hallway … Pearce was standing near the hallway in the living room and shot Turner.”

 Turner identified Pearce by the dreamcatcher tattoo on his face; according to the affidavit, Turner said Cowie is his ex-girlfriend and she messaged him Saturday night alleging that Pearce had assaulted her. Turner said he picked her up, drove her to the Walmart at 4545 W. 6th Ave. and dropped her off, where Cowie told him Pearce was to pick her up.

The two women who live at the residence outside Stillwater along Highway 51 told a PCSO deputy that they heard the door kicked in, “then they heard two gunshots … after that, they went to check … and found Turner in the bathroom by the sink.” Turner reportedly told them he wanted to go to his brother’s house in Stillwater because he had outstanding warrants and didn’t want to immediately go to the hospital, but 9-1-1 was contacted about the gunshot wound.

Two deputies were unable to find gunshot bullet holes, shell casings or blood, but observed the front door appeared to have been forced open, with “the metal piece attached to the door frame had been busted open and broken in from the force of the door.”

Shooting with intent to kill is punishable by four years to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.