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PCPD’s Citizen Police Academy starting back up

The 2020 edition of the PCPD’s Citizen Police Academy was going well – at least until March of that year. “Then COVID hit, so we had to cancel the final four sessions,” Detective Lieutenant Josh Henderson said. “It was an attentive class with an unusually high number of teachers and educators, and we really wanted to expose them to all of our operations.” So Josh and Detective Sergeant (Lt) Ben Garrison opted to resurrect the 2020 class. “We scheduled the first resumed session for Thursday, September 9, and reached out to all members of the class,” Josh explained. “We were pleasantly surprised when only one member of the original class was unable to attend. We had expected to lose most of them, so we were excited that so many were still interested after a year-and-a-half gap.” The final sessions were scheduled for September 16 and 23, with graduation slated for September 30. The 17 members of the 2020 class are: Amy Swartz; Ashley Lenix; Barb Scherich; Christine Thompson; Hannah Ballinger; Holly Wallen; Jeffrey Wallen; Jenna Ross; Jennifer Dye; Julie Ray; Keenan Pappan; Rena Ryan; Shonda Garrison; Tina Fisher; Toby Griff; Sarah Gehring; and Kaye Harkins.
PCPD will start advertising and taking applications for the next session of the Citizens Police Academy, next month. If you are interested or know someone who is, please have them contact PCPD asap and they will make sure they get an application ASAP.