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PCPS looking at possible later date for graduation ceremony


The following is an update from Ponca City Public Schools Superintendent Shelley Arrott.


Parents of Seniors,

We are going to push back the date of our graduation ceremony in hopes that the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The May 15 Graduation Ceremony will be postponed, but PCPS is planning for a traditional graduation ceremony at a later date, possibly even later in May if we
find restrictions are lifted after the completion of the “Safer at Home” orders on May 6. If restrictions are lifted, we would like to host events as early as possible, so every senior can participate before they leave to continue life’s journey.

You may have seen that metro area schools are rescheduling graduation ceremonies now and are solidifying dates to secure a venue. Thankfully, we do not have to vie for a venue, which means all our facilities will be available to our seniors on any date. We will solidify this date
and get it out to our families as soon as possible. Obviously, we will have to follow all restrictions imposed, but we are hopeful to continue with our traditional plans. However, we have alternate plans if necessary, but our goal is to use the alternate plans as a last resort. In the next few days, we will provide information to our seniors about collecting caps and gowns, cords, and other symbols of participation and honor.

Please know we are constantly discussing ways to honor the Seniors of 2020. With this year’s sudden disruption, there is no class more deserving of exceptional celebrations than this senior class. Our goal is to celebrate PCPS Seniors with an unforgettable send-off and for their
families to participate in person.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate this uncharted situation. We love our seniors and we will do everything in our power to meet as many traditions as possible. We will not let our seniors leave without the celebration they deserve. #wildcatway #seniors2020


Shelley Arrott
Ponca City Public Schools