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PCPS reports 10 new COVID-19 cases for the week of Sept. 13


Last week, Ponca City Public Schools had their best week of the year as far as COVID-19 is concerned. PCPS had 10 staff members or students test positive last week, and only 3 positives resulted in a contact tracing investigation. Fewer students were in class with symptoms or waiting testing results due to symptoms.


PCPS says thank you parents for not sending students who are symptomatic or who are waiting on COVID-19 test results to school. When students cases are present in the classroom, it results in a contact trace of those students exposed to the positive case. If positive cases do not attend school, it dramatically reduces the number of close contacts. Eliminating close contacts helps keep the kids in school. PCPS wants their students and staff to stay healthy and stay in school to participate in academic and extra-curricular opportunities.


PCPS says to please continue to be diligent with keeping those potential COVID-19 positive students at home. PCPS will provide Distance Learning and free meals to those who are positive, potentially positive and who are waiting test results, or close contacts. It may be an inconvenience to keep students at home, but it’s the right thing to do during a global pandemic to protect students, their families, and the PCPS staff.


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