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PCPS Students Learning About Different Cultures


This school year the Ponca City Public School District provided families with three learning options. These three options included: Option One-Traditional School, Option 2-Virtual Learning (while students in 6th-12th grade were provided with the opportunity to participate in activities such as Band, Orchestra, and Sports), or Option 3-The complete virtual option.

Students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade who chose Option 3 have been working through the virtual program in Edgenuity/Accelerate. Each grade level is assigned a PCPS teacher who monitors the student’s weekly progress and provides assistance as needed. As part of a 3rd grade Social Studies unit, students learned about the Phoenician Culture, and the curriculum mentioned that one of the staples within that culture was flatbread. The lesson provided a recipe for the flatbread, and 3rd grade student Piper Morgan created the flatbread from scratch. Just another way students are learning differently during this often-challenging school year.

3rd grade student Piper Morgan is pictured