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PCPS Takes Steps To Ensure Safety of Students

It’s NANOED, an alcohol-free sanitizer, will be available at all entrance points, common areas and offices within the Ponca City Public School district when school starts this fall. The hand sanitizer is comparable to a liquid bandage and lasts for up to eight hours, even with frequent handwashing.
Hand sanitizing stations will also be available in every classroom with at least 60 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
It’s NANOED Barrier Technology is based on engineered molecules of silicon dioxide (SiO2) forming a strong covalent bond that stays on hard surfaces for over 30 days or on your hands for up to eight hours. This barrier is only nanometers thick, and prevents harmful microbes from attaching to the surface like a balloon landing on a bed of nails.
Unlike alcohol and harsh chemicals, It’s NANOED poses no risk when inhaled or applied to the skin. In addition, It’s NANOED barriers also reject water, oil, solvents, dirt and mold/mildew while being resistant to abrasion, environmental decay, UV light breakdown.
Bret Smith, Executive Director of Operations for Ponca City Schools, said students will also be trained and reminded about the healthy benefits of proper and frequent handwashing with soap and water.
“It’s NANOED will be given to every student when they come to school every morning,” said Smith. “We feel like this will be just another added layer of protection for our students.”
It’s NANOED, Barrier Surface Protection, will be utilized through industrial misting and fogging equipment to sanitize gyms, weight rooms, cafeterias and buses. The Barrier Surface Protection will stay active 30 days or more on surfaces, even with continued cleaning protocols applied.
MeTEOR Education CASPR Compact Plus units will be available in every classroom. The CASPR Units are NASA developed technology that provide continuous air and surface pathogen reduction for students and staff. The units will not only reduce COVID-19 pathogens, but will effectively reduce other pathogens such as flu, strep, staph and other bacteria such as mold to reduce and prevent health issues.
This technology has a kill rate of up to 99.96 percent on surfaces. CASPR produces no residues, noises or odors.
“Some of the CASPR units were installed just before summer school started,” said Smith. “We wanted to make sure we had units in all of the summer school classrooms first. They are still being installed but all classrooms will be finished before the start of school.”
Ponca City Superintendent Shelley Arrott said, “Thanks to the American Relief Plan and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funding, we are very excited we have the opportunity to reduce and prevent health issues for our students and staff with such sophisticate technologies.”
“The CASPR units and the It’s NANOED products will not only reduce COVID-19 pathogens, but other pathogens that can cause health issues for our school family. As we still face a global pandemic, these units and products provide additional mitigation strategies and peace of mind we are taking every measure possible to keep our students and staff safe.”
Smith said HVAC and filter replacement is ongoing to ensure that ventilation is optimal for the health and safety of students, staff and patrons.
Ponca City Public Schools will continue with increased cleaning and preparation of facilities to protect students, staff and visitors. Upon notification of a positive COVID-19 case in a building, all areas affected are cleaned thoroughly. Desks are cleaned between each class and at least twice daily in self-contained classrooms.
The first day of school for Ponca City Public School students will be Wednesday, Aug. 18.