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PCPS update on learning options going into January 2021


As previously communicated, the Ponca City Board of Education approved a return date of January 5, 2021, for PCPS students. PCPS will inform the school family if any changes are made to the instructional delivery or their In-person return date no later than January 2, 2021. However, PCPS realizes there are many students and families who are vulnerable to risks of contracting COVID-19, so PCPS will continue to offer Ponca City Virtual Academy. The current two learning options are: In-person Instruction and Ponca City Virtual Academy. PCPS has issued multiple press releases discussing how to enroll in PCVA for the 2nd semester. Enrollment has been underway for the last several weeks. The deadline has passed for a January 5, 2021 start date in PCVA, but applications will be taken through January 29. Starting Ponca City Virtual Academy after January 29 will make it difficult for students to receive semester credit for the courses. Please follow this link for all details: The following link is the application for PCVA:

PCPS is not offering Distance Learning as an option at this time because they have Ponca City Virtual Academy as an option currently. If you enroll your child in PCVA, they may always return to the classroom through Spring Break. After that point, it will be hard for students to receive credits when moving from one curriculum to another. PCPS will continue to offer Distance Learning for those students in isolation or quarantine. When PCPS no longer has the PCVA option, they may offer Distance Learning in the future. However, PCPS is hopeful there will be enough vaccine distribution to have as many of their students participating in In-person Instruction.

If you think you may be interested in PCVA for your child, please complete the application and submit as indicated in the links provided above. There are very specific requirements for PCVA and these requirements are communicated to parents and students during individual consultations. PCPS wants all their students to be successful with PCVA and it requires completing assignments and unit tests.