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Persons violating election laws can expect to be reported


Persons violating election laws during the Tuesday, November 3, General Election can expect to be reported, election officials promised today.

Cheryl Howard, Secretary of the Kay County Election Board, said that apparent violations will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Howard pointed out that electioneering is prohibited within 300 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress. “In fact, no one except election officials and voters waiting to vote is allowed within 50 feet of any ballot box on election day.”

Howard said it also is unlawful to take intoxication liquors of any kind or quantity to within one-half mile of a polling place on election day.

Two other violations also were discussed by Howard.

“It is unlawful for any person to disclose how he voted to any other person within the election enclosure,” Howard said. “And, it’s against the law for anyone to remove a ballot from the polling place or to carry a ballot into the polling place.”