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Picture Day Coming to Ponca City Senior High School


Message from Po-Hi Yearbook Sponsor Paige Marsh:

Believe it or not, Lifetouch will be here on Thursday, April 1, for Picture Day! For those of you who are new, Lifetouch takes the FREE pictures of our student body which are then used in the yearbook. Students/parents can purchase portrait packages (optional) and this is a small fundraiser for the Cat Tale yearbook. Usually, Picture Day and Retake Day are in the fall, but this year (due to Covid) we are just now able to allow this.

Below, you will find important information about our 2021 Picture Day. PLEASE: don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with questions or concerns. 

**Freshmen and sophomores will have their FREE pictures taken for the yearbook on April 1. All freshmen and sophomores who are in attendance that day will be escorted to the East Gym by their English teachers (schedules to be released soon).

**Lifetouch is only sending two camera stations, so we will stagger times to keep everyone safe.  When classes are done with pictures, they will be escorted back to their classroom.

**Seniors and juniors WHO MISSED our special in-house Picture Days earlier this school year will be encouraged to have their pictures taken in the East Gym on April 1, as well. There will be a special picture station manned by Cat Tale staff members just for juniors and seniors.

**All students will have the option to purchase portrait packages from Lifetouch, just like always.  Those order forms should have been delivered to sites by March 24. Off-sites: Lifetouch order forms are on their way to you.


** There will be NO make-up or retake day, so please encourage all students to be in attendance and participate in this free opportunity to have their pictures taken for the 2021 Cat Tale yearbook.

**Information on the Senior Panoramic Picture Day will be released soon; it will be AFTER the April 1 Lifetouch Picture Day.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone and everyone!!