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Pioneer Technology Center facing construction delays materials needed to finish Westward Expansion project


Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) has construction delays for materials needed to finish their Westward Expansion project. Items are caught up in the supply chain issues experienced across the world.

“We have a few items that do not have a timetable for their arrival. We hope to be in the facility by Thanksgiving, which, of course, is subject to further change if materials are delayed beyond what we anticipate,” said Traci Thorpe Superintendent/CEO.

In addition, the PTC Foundation Banquet scheduled for Nov 4th will become a Spring 2022 event for Senator Bill Coleman.

The annual Thanksgiving Dinner provided the Thursday before break will be canceled because of construction setbacks.

“Growing pains are part of this process, we’ve experienced it before. No one is more anxious than I am for us to have our awesome new space! I appreciate the flexibility of our PTC crew and the efforts of our partners and contractors throughout this project and can’t wait to celebrate with the community with its completion,” Thorpe remarked.

The construction project encompasses 21,000 square feet. New spaces in the project include a Culinary Arts Teaching Kitchen, Culinary Services Production Kitchen, Cosmetology Program space, and a Safe Room that functions as a Conference Center facility. For more information about Pioneer Tech, visit their website