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Pioneer Technology Nurses Teach Woodland’s Students Best Hand-washing Techniques


Nursing students from Pioneer Technology visited Woodlands Elementary to lead hand-washing clinics in all classes. Students were taught best hand-washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs and disease. Students took turns practicing as the nurses coached them through the process. They even learned a catchy hand-washing song.

Pictured top left: Heather Parker (Nursing Student & Woodlands Mom) and Zaxton Hacker (Kindergarten)

 Pictured top middle: Tabitha Hudson (Nursing Student) and Bella Beathard (1st Grade)

 Pictured top right: Jennifer Delaney (Nursing Instructor & Woodlands Mom), Caitlin Moore (Nursing Student), 5th Graders Logan Ross, Addison Diedrich, Blake Austin, & Haley Maples