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Po-Hi BPA Attends State Leadership Competition


The Ponca City High School chapter of BPA (Business Professionals of America) recently submitted their projects for the BPA State Leadership Competition for pre-judging last week.


The Broadcast Team of Ethan Meyer, Amanie Owdetallah, Madison Thibodeaux and Dylan Nance produced a five-minute live news broadcast that included two stories that were created by the students concerning the effects of the pandemic on a local business and a story about a community service project performed by BPA.


The Broadcast Team was announced a finalist and top 10 in the state and was one of only two high school-based teams to earn that distinction.


The Podcast Production Team did a five-minute podcast about the sustainability of the TikTok business model. A total of 42 teams from across the state entered and the Ponca City team was announced as a finalist and top 10 team in the state. Members of the podcast team include Toby McDaniel and Tynli Nickel.


Tynli Nickel was also announced as a finalist and top 10 in the state for Financial Math and Analysis Concepts, a test that measures students’ abilities to make financial math calculation and concepts.


Others competing included Terryn Goddard and Rachel Lawson in graphic design promotion and Andi Massey in human resources management and management, marketing and human management.


Troy Buller, one of the BPA advisors, said, “We are really proud of the work our kids have put in and are thankful for our community partnership with Team Radio and Po-Hi Wildcat media to livestream sporting events. The fruit of that relationship shows as this is our third year in a row a Broadcast team has made the top 10 and the second year a Podcast team has made the top 10.


The Broadcast Production Team, Podcast Production Team and Andi Massey will travel to Tulsa, along with students from Career Tech Centers and Career Tech programs embedded in high schools around the state, on March 7-9 to present to a panel of judges to determine the winners and National BPA qualifiers.