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Po-Hi Pride Program Started


In a joint effort, Ponca City Senior High School administration and the Athletic Department are implementing a “Po-HI Pride” program.  The details of the program are listed below.


Who:              All Po-HI school-sponsored clubs, organizations and athletic programs will participate.

What:             This is a bi-weekly cleanup program led by school sports groups and clubs/organizations.

When:            Every two weeks, every club and athletic team will sign up for a rotation.

Where:           The groups can cleanup any area on the Ponca City High School campus and surrounding facilities, with special emphasis on the student parking lot.

Why:              The intention of the program is to, not only cleanup the campus and parking lot, but to instill pride in the facilities and encourage classmates to pitch in, pick-up or refrain
from leaving trash on the ground.

Po-Hi principal Thad Dilbeck said, “We would like for sponsors to take pictures of their group and send them to us, so that we can put out some good publicity in the community and within the district.”

The first group to volunteer was Mr. Keith Crocker and members of the jazz band ensemble. They volunteered to show their pride by cleaning up the campus. They were followed by Betsy Easley and the Student Council helping to make the school beautiful.