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Po-hi Senior Scholarship Celebration held Thursday


The Ponca City High School Senior Scholarship Celebration was held, Thursday, May 6, in the Ponca City Schools Concert Hall.  Forty-nine seniors were presented with scholarships to support continued learning.  In attendance were scholarship presenters and each senior’s special guests.  

The following scholarships were award to senior recipients:   A.H. “Pete” Long Instrumental Scholarship (Morgan King), AMBUCS-Flavel Perry/Marshall Grant (Kaylee Wimberley), Association of Classroom Teachers (Emma Burch), Becky Felts Memorial (Emma Valgora), Blake Shepard Memorial (Brenner McDougal), Charles & Carrie Huber Scholarship (Gabriel Klein & Kaylee Wimberley), Charles Cunning Vocal Music Scholarship (Ashlee Patterson), Community Health Foundation (Allie Epperson, Brooke Pruitt, Carlie Badley & Kaylee Wimberley), Craig Strickland Memorial Scholarship (Emma Burch & Brenner McDougal), Delbert Carlile Memorial Scholarship (Keirston Oakley), Dr. Robert Lembke Scholarship (Collin Crandall), Elk’s Most Valuable Student Scholarship: State Charitable Trust (Kaylee Wimberley) and Local Chapter Award (Emma Burch), Frances Cantron Vocal Music (Nikolas Hoecker), Future Educators Scholarship (Ashlee Patterson), George Hangii Scholarship (Robert Donelson), Gerald “Jerry” Jantz Memorial Scholarship (Gavyn Bales), Goldstern Family Scholarship (Naomi Gertken), Homer Luther Instrumental Music Scholarship (Ryan Turnipseed), James & Teresa Day Scholarship (Kaylee Wimberley), Kay County Panhellenic Scholarship (Camille Busch, Hannah Jennings, Brooke Pruitt, & Shaylee Smith), Kiwanis Scholarship: Chuck Regar Key Club (Alexis Iron) & Kiwanis General (Nikolas Hoecker), M.J. Spradlin Scholarship (Robert Donelson), Nathan M. & Betty G. Lee Memorial (Kaylee Wimberley), Noon Lions Club Scholarship (Emma Valgora & Brenner McDougal), 

Ponca City Federated Music Club: Music Education (Nikolas Hoecker) & Vocal Music (Emma Valgora), Ponca City High School Class of 1963 (Evelyn Larson & Payton Little), Ponca City Professionals Today Scholarship (Shaylee Smith), Ponca City Rotary Club Scholarship (Alexis Irons), Ponca City Rotary Club-Milt Heartsill Memorial (Aaron Maloney), W.B. Clark Scholarship (Kaylee Wimberley, Kianna Jansma, Gabriel Klein & Ryan Turnipseed), Phillips 66 Dependent Scholarship (Brenner McDougal), Ponca City Hall of Fame Scholarship (Emma Burch & Payton Little)


The Ponca City School District is very proud of the Seniors of 2021, and we are so thankful for the opportunities afforded to these students by scholarship donors.  

Pictured are a few of the scholarship recipients and presenters.  

Pictured Top Row:  1st Picture:  Dalana Hawkins (PHS Principal-Gerald “Jerry” Jantz Memorial Presenter), Gavyn Bales (Senior), Shelley Arrott (Supt.); 2nd Picture:  Shelley Arrott (Ponca City High School Hall of Fame Presenter), Payton Little (Senior), Emma Burch (Senior); 3rd Picture:  Rachel Heick (Kiwanis Presenter), Fran Long (Kiwanis Presenter), Alexis Irons (Senior), Marsha Baldridge (Kiwanis Presenter), Shelley Arrott, Tracey Ivy (Kiwanis Presenter)

Pictured Middle Row:  1st Picture:  Paula Cochran (Instrumental Music Director-Homer Luther Instrumental Presenter), Ryan Turnipseed (Senior), Shelley Arrott; 2nd Picture:  Dalana Hawkins, Hannah Jennings (Senior), Camille Busch

(Senior), Shaylee Smith (Senior), Brooke Pruitt (Senior), Shelley Arrott; 3rd Picture:  Andrea Shepard (Blake Shepard Memorial Presenter), Mark Shepard (Blake Shepard Memorial Presenter), Brenner McDougal (Senior), Shelley Arrott

Pictured Bottom Row:  1st Picture:  Cheryl Kinkaid (Class of 1963 Presenter), Payton Little (Senior), Evelyn Larson (Senior), Shelley Arrott; 2nd Picture:  Mary Jane Barraclough (Ponca City Federated Music Club Presenter), Emma Valgora (Senior), Shelley Arrott; 3rd Picture:  Tom Sipe (Elk’s Presenter), Judy Branch (Elk’s Presenter), Emma Burch (Senior), Kaylee Wimberley (Senior), Shelley Arrott