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Po-Hi Symphonic Band Performance Scheduled


In preparation for the upcoming OSSAA State Band Contest on Friday morning at the Jenks High School Performing Arts Center, the Po-Hi Symphonic Band will be giving two performances for parents and guardians on Tuesday, April 12 at 6:30 and 7 p.m., respectively, in the Ponca City Schools Concert Hall.

The students will be performing their two Contest Selections, as well as demonstrate for the audience the OSSAA Sight Reading Contest Procedures. This process includes having the students and director study a piece of music they have never seen before for 10 minutes, and once the time has expired after the preparation period, play said piece for 3 judges in the room, with the expectation of playing the work at a high level. During the preparation time, the students are not allowed to play their instruments, but only count their parts, air play, or clap along when the formal adjudication begins.

The Po-Hi Symphonic Band is under the direction of Andrew Orr, Connor Pratt, Britany Lawrence, and Student Teacher, Joshua Chrisman. All parents and guardians are invited to this special event, and those attending are encouraged to remember there is no food or drink of any kind permitted in the Ponca City Schools Concert Hall.