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Ponca authorities capture convicted rapist.


According to an affidavit, a woman saw an older man pushing shopping carts in the Belle Isle Wal-Mart parking lot, on the afternoon of October 2. Police said he was in disguise, posing as an employee and walked to the victim’s vehicle.

She got into the driver seat and before she could shut the door the man “forced her door open and immediately began punching her in the mouth and head, threatening to kill her.”

As she tried to crawl to the passenger seat, he “kept grabbing her arms and legs,” the affidavit said. She managed to make it out and the suspect took off. Investigators reviewed footage of the incident captured on surveillance cameras.

The next day, the victim’s library card reportedly turned up in Ponca City. Police and the victim were contacted.

The affidavit said police officers in Ponca City found 59-year-old Bobby Dean Anderson within an hour. He was wearing the same clothes from the attack, seen walking out of a Hobby Lobby and getting into the stolen car.

He led officers on a chase for several miles before crashing. Anderson  confessed to stealing the car from the woman at the OKC Wal-Mart.

Court records show Anderson is a convicted rapist. And police said “it is believed the defendant was casing females” at that store and when he confronted the woman “his intent was to kidnap the victim for the purpose of sexual assault.”

The affidavit showed Ponca City investigators feel this was Anderson’s intent while at that Hobby Lobby in their city as well.

At last report, Anderson was still behind bars in the Kay County.