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Ponca City at a 62 percent response rate to U.S. Census


Households that receive the 2020 Census invitation packets are strongly encouraged to respond promptly to the 2020 Census using the census ID included in the questionnaire packet. People can respond online, by phone, or by completing and returning the paper form by mail. Responding with the census ID or by completing and returning the paper questionnaire helps ensure the best count for our community.

Kay County’s response rate is now at 60 percent, and Ponca City’s response rate is at 62 percent – way to go Ponca City, keep it up! If you would like to see Kay County’s or Ponca City’s response rate at any time, go to: You can still respond online to the 2020 Census even if you did not receive a letter or paper questionnaire. Go to and select the link that says, “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” It is located below the Census ID login field. For more information, visit: www.2020CENSUS.GOV