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Ponca City Broadband phase 2 and phase 3 construction underway


Ponca City Broadband service is being installed in phases throughout Ponca City. This new utility service provides the absolute fastest internet access with un-matched customer service. It is professionally engineered and constructed, 100% fiber optic, and requires no contract.

There are three service plans from which to choose: 50 Mbps ($60.00), 100 Mbps ($100.00), and 1 Gbps ($250.00). These plans offer bandwidth per second, not per month – and there are no data caps. A $200 activation fee is required, either up front or spread out over 24 months ($10/month).

In-home installations are limited to penetrating one exterior wall (no attic, crawl space, or interior wall installations are performed). Additional installation work needed or desired will be referred to one of the local installation companies in Ponca City that provides in-home, interior wall installations.

Construction in Phase 1 is complete, with the exception of the Acre Homes Subdivision, which should be completed by early February, 2021. Construction is currently underway in Phase 2 and 3, with an estimated completion date of July, 2021. Construction in Phase 4 and 5 will most likely happen as one, large project, with an estimated start date in the first quarter of 2022 and an estimated completion date in the last quarter of 2022.

As individual service areas are complete (usually 10 to 15 square blocks in size), customers can begin receiving service. Ponca City Broadband will be mailing postcards to individual addresses approximately 10 days prior to being able to service particular areas. For more information please contact the Utility Billing office at 580.767.0300 or visit for updates.

For more information on the City of Ponca City go to or Cable One Channel 56.