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Ponca City Businesses Don’t Fall For This Trick


Local businesses beware. A news release from the Ponca City Public Schools is warning businesses that another out of town company is trying to secure their advertising dollars and our local school district does not want you to fall for it.  The company is called Elite Design and they are calling on local businesses in Ponca City wanting them to advertise for the Wildcat football calendar.  You should know that this company is not local and does not represent anyone from the Ponca City school district.  A district news release is asking local businesses not to advertise with Elite Design and that this type of advertising in no way supports our local students/athletes.  They are just trying to make money for their company and NO money comes back to the district according to the release.  Further, Ponca City athletic director Chris Walker contacted Elite Design to ask about their intention.  They stated they need no authorization from Ponca City because it is public information and they can do whatever they want.  The official football schedule, developed and published by the district will be distributed this summer.  They will be delivered by local school officials or booster club members.  If you have contacted by Elite Design or have questions concerning this, you can call  the Ponca City Athletic Office at 767-8075.