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Ponca City Chamber Holds 33rd Leadership Class


The Ponca City Area Chamber of Commerce recently held their 33rd Ponca City Leadership Class with Shelby Arrott as the day chair. The class got to visit Roosevelt Elementary, toured Ponca City High School. The leadership class got to hear from all three Ponca City private schools, along with getting to tour the Pioneer Technology Center, University Center and Northern Oklahoma College.

Pictured above is Kahle Goff with Pioneer Technology Center speaks to the class about all the programs P.T.C. offers.  What a great asset P.T.C. is for Northern Oklahoma.  P.T.C. also provided a lunch for the class.


Adam Leaming, Executive Director for the University Center at Ponca City spoke to the leadership class about some exciting projects the U.C. is doing.  It was very interesting and these projects will truly benefit Ponca City.


The class also got to see the NOC Student Union and see what it’s like for NOC teachers as the top right image above displays Brad Matson and what he does as a teacher.