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Ponca City Fireworks Show At Lake Ponca


Fourth of July Fireworks Show

Lake Ponca

9:50 pm (dusk)

This is a free fireworks display. A safety zone will be buoyed off on Lake Ponca beginning at approximately 7:00 pm on the 4th. If you are in a water craft on Lake Ponca after 7:00 pm, please stay out of the buoyed off area until the fireworks are over and the buoys have been removed.  The display that will be located on the west dam of Lake Ponca, adjacent to Lake Ponca Park.

Please remember that private fireworks are not allowed on or around the Lake Ponca Recreation Area or any of the roadways or water areas around Lake Ponca.

The City of Ponca City wishes you an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July Holiday!

The fourth of July is a busy time at Ponca Lake and the Ponca City Police Departments encourages you to be safe as you celebrate with family and friends.  The fireworks will begin at approximately 9:50pm, but the boating, jet skis and picnics will be going on all day. The Ponca City Police Department will have an increased presence both on the water and in the surrounding area.

If you plan to launch a boat, please ensure you are up to date with boating safety regulations.