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Ponca City High School Wildcat Swimming Team Made First Appearance in Oklahoma Big 8 Conference


The Ponca City School Wildcat Swim team made their first appearance in the Oklahoma Big 8 Conference meet held on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. The Conference teams included: Putnam City, Putnam City North, Putnam City West, Enid, Choctaw, Midwest City, and Ponca City.

Tayler Bennett was a Conference Champion in the 200 Free and Simone Villarruel was Conference champion in the 50 Free and 100 Back. Simone won three of her four events. Max Engster, Kyle King, Timmy Crank, and Hayden Jones were Conference Champions in the 400 Freestyle Relay. Tayler Bennett, Simone Villarruel, Kailee Payne, and Rylee Strah were Conference Champions in the 400 Free Relay. 

Ponca City School Head Swim Coach Heather Harris said, “It was an exciting meet and I am proud of what these kids accomplished!” 

All PCPS Girls Results

Girls Team Placed 4th Overall

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
Simone Villarruel – 1st Conference Champion
Rylee Strah – 2nd Place

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
Ryllee Strah – 2nd Place
Kailee Payne – 7th Place

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
Tayler Bennett – 1st Conference Champion

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
Tayler Bennett – 3rd Place

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
Simone Villarruel – 1st Conference Champion


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Simone Villarruel, Tayler Bennett, Kailee Payne, Rylee Strah- 2nd Place

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Simone Villarruel, Tayler Bennett, Kailee Payne, Rylee Strah- 1st Conference Champions

All PCPS Boys’ Results

Boys Placed 2nd Overall

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
Max Engster – 2nd Place
Timothy Crank – 6th Place
Coby Allensworth – 12th Place
Riley Ladner – 14th Place
Tristan Feathers – 21st Place
Tommy Rathburn – 26th Place

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
Max Engster – 3rd Place
Kyle King- 6th Place
Riley Ladner – 13th Place
Brady Ladner – 15th Place
Coby Allensworth – 20th Place
Tristan Feathers – 21st Place
Kendell Dugosh – 23rd Place

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
Haydan Jones – 2nd Place
Brady Ladner – 8th Place
Kendell Dugosh – 10th Place

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
Tanner Estes – 5th Place
Tommy Rathburn – 11th Place 

Boys 100 Yard Breastroke
Kyle King – 4th Place

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
Timothy Crank – 2nd Place
Hayden Jones – 3rd Place

Boys 200 Yard IM
Tanner Estes – 5th Place

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
Max Engster, Tanner Estes, Timothy Crank, Hayden Jones – 2nd Place
Riley Ladner, Brady Ladner, Tristin Feathers, Coby Allensworth – 5th Place

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay
Max Engster, Kyle King, Timothy Crank, Hayden Jones- 1st Conference Champion
Brady Ladner, Tristin Feathers, Tommy Rathburn, Kendell Dugosh – 7th Place

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
Tanner Estes, Kyle King, Riley Ladner, Coby Allensworth – 4th Place