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Ponca City Humane Society Holding Food Drive Through March


The Ponca City Humane Society is boosting its efforts to collect pet food through the end of March and is asking the public to help them feed animals in need.

PCHS Director Patricia Amador said the shelter maintains a food bank to help people who may have fallen on tough times feed their pet instead of being forced to rehome it or let them go hungry. Amador said that a bag of dry dog food can make a big difference. She also said that sometimes the shelter helps as many as 30 families with pet food during the four-day period the shelter is open each week. Amador said some of the recipients are elderly with a cat or small dog and have times when their fixed income can’t stretch far enough to feed their pet.

The shelter does not have pet food on hand now, but the last few months have depleted the inventory. Amador says they hope to receive enough in food donations to buffer up the stocks. PCHS accepts donations at any time and has received donations from area businesses. PCHS is requesting dry food, but canned food will be accepted. The shelter prefers dry food because it can last longer.

To learn more, call PCHS at 580-767-8877, or go online to