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Ponca City Humane Society Nears It’s Goal To Build Upon History


With the help of generous animal lovers across Northern Oklahoma, the Ponca City Humane Society is now within $200,000 of their $1.4 million goal. PCHuS Board President Chuck Greenwood and Board Vice President Sue Boettcher are leading the effort to renovate and expand the existing no-kill shelter facility. Both community leaders want to invite everyone to pitch in and help with the campaign.

The Ponca City Humane Society’s history began with one woman’s compassion. For years, Neva Belle Harrod showed compassion and care for animals in Ponca City that were strays. Harrod worked hard to find new homes for those animals. It would be the year 1958 when Judy and Ellis Elliott officially formed the Ponca City Humane Society which became a corporation in 1975. Larry Hughes was elected as the first PCHuS President along with Charles Greenwood who was Vice President as the board of directors was created in 1986. Anne Denton served as the society’s first executive director.

Without a central location to house the animals, it fell to private homes and veterinarians to foster and heal animals until they found a forver home.It would be June 1992 when no-kill shelter would be designed to house stray animals. The paw traffic today throughout the facility is over a thousand animals.

The new facility to be built by the current 26-year-old facility is designed with both present and future needs in mind. which includes a state-of-the-art HVAC system that will help air circulation to benefit the animals and human health. The new facility will also include a large lobby and reception area with a separate service desk. There will also be a community center, expanded storage area and larger canine kennels with direct door access.