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Ponca City Man accused of choking convenience store cashier facing 25 years in prison


A Ponca City Man that’s accused of strangling a convenience store cashier faces 25 years in prison with all but 15 years suspended.

Luciano Cerda, 50, attacked a cashier at a Conoco station at 425 South 14th Street back on March 12. According to Ponca City News in April, court documents stated that the cashier told police that Cerda was acting “very aggressive towards our staff”.

Cerda then became angry after the cashier told him to leave due to his rude attitude towards her. He began to throw items off the counter, grabbed the credit card reader and wrapped the cord around the cashier’s neck. The victim stated that she was being choked for approximately one minute before she was able to get away after hitting and kicking Cerda. The victim then proceeded to call 911 and pressed the panic alarm.

According to the affidavit, Cerda was later located that day nearby in the 400 block of south 14th. The suspect was sent to Ponca City Jail before being sent to Kay County Detention Center.