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Ponca City man battling COVID-19 wakes from coma


While it is unknown at this time about the conditions of those diagnosed with COVID-19 in the state of Oklahoma, a miracle has happened for one Ponca City family.

According to KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, Geoffrey Cowan, 69, was placed on a Ventalator two weeks ago after being one of the first patients in Kay County to be diagnosed with COVID-19.  Geoffrey also faced setbacks after a lung collapse. But as of Wednesday, Geoffrey’s daughter, Christy Yousefi told sources that a miracle had occurred.

Geoffrey woke up from his coma, and while the process will be long for him, Yousefi said that he has all the love, prayers, will and heart to make the long recovery.

Also, Geoffrey’s wife Steffi was put in a hospital room one week ago after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Steffi has since been sent home.