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Ponca City Mayor Not Looking To Close Bars, Restaraunts And Facilities At This Time


The City of Stillwater made the announcement on Tuesday that all bars, restaurants and fitness facilities would be closed until further notice.

According to the Ponca City News, Ponca City Mayor Homer Nicholson said he would not do the same in Ponca City. “We are not going to do that at this time,” he said. “My belief is that Stillwater did this due to the fact that they are a college city with thousands of students that frequent restaurants and bars.”

“I continue to urge the public to be cautious, wash your hands, keep your distance and our plan in Ponca City is to maintain business as usual and try to maintain a comfort level so that no pandemonium happens.”
“We will not do what the City of Stillwater has done unless there is a reason to do so here in Ponca City.”