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Ponca City Police Department Deploys Body Cameras To Patrol And School Resource Officers


The Ponca City Police Department recently deployed body cameras to all of their patrol and school resource officers recently. These body cameras were the culmination of several years of research and discussions. During the last year, a couple of different cameras were tried out by officers. Officers and Police Administration ultimately selected the Axon Flex 2 Body Camera Unit. This body camera will either be worn on the collar of the officer’s shirt or with a headband just above their ear. The camera gives a better view than other cameras that may be mounted on the officer’s uniform shirt.

“It is very important to us to always be accountable and transparent to the citizens we serve. The new body camera units will be a required part of a patrol officer’s uniform and officers are required by policy to record every citizen contact. The cameras will also be instrumental in documenting evidence to assist us with prosecuting criminals.” stated
Chief of Police Don Bohon.

Sergeant Steven Yinger, pictured wearing the above the ear head mount, stated “Officers are very excited about the new body camera’s. The camera worn above the ear gives an officers view of an encounter.” Also pictured is Patrol Officer Kisen Sharp wearing the camera mounted on his uniform collar. The Body Camera Program approved by City of Ponca City officials is part of a five year contract with Axon. This contract includes updating the TASER’s that officers utilize and includes replacement of all body cameras after 2 ½ years.