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Ponca City Public Schools Continuous Learning Guide


From Ponca City Public Schools,


PCPS Families: 

Our administrators and teachers have been working diligently to develop a Continuous Learning plan to help our students stay engaged with thinking skills and problem solving. However, our primary focus with continuous learning is keeping our students, staff, and community safe while focusing on maintaining a positive relationship with each student and family. As you can imagine, this planning has presented its own set of trials as the staff has been preparing through digital platforms so we can protect ourselves, just as you are protecting yourself at home. We are prepared to meet this challenge because that is the Wildcat Way! Our students deserve a learning plan to help them stay engaged academically, and that is what we are determined to give them. Even though these are unprecedented times, the last few weeks have made me even more proud to be the superintendent of Ponca City Public Schools. From providing over 13,500 meals, including breakfast and lunch, to delivering essential supplies such as hand sanitizer, wipes, and safety goggles to Alliance Health and local nursing homes, we are providing essentials to those providers who need them most. Our staff has created site Facebook Pages to interact with our students and parents and have come up with clever ways to let our students know how much we miss them in an effort to lift spirits and show them we are still here for them. All this has occurred while PCPS and Ponca City residents have taken the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We can accomplish anything when we work as one team, and I am so proud of our team, Team PCPS. We know you have many questions about the remainder of the year and the purpose of this document is to share guidance and information on our transition to Continuous Learning. While we did not expect to end the school year this way, we believe our Continuous Learning plan will allow us to keep students engaged, while also protecting what is most important—the health and well-being of our students, staff, and community. A change of this magnitude will certainly have bumps in the road; however, with your help, I am confident we can offer the best services possible for our students. Schools are at their best when the community works together, and I know our community will continue to support us to the fullest. Parents, you were and continue to be your child’s first and most important teacher. With our faculty and staff leading the way, we know you will be encouraging and teaching your child side-by-side with us. We miss our students terribly, but we are trying to make the best of the situation for everyone. Thank you for helping us rise to the challenge. We could not do it without you! #teampcps Sincerely, 

Shelley Arrott Superintendent, Ponca City Public School #wildcatway 

Continuous Learning Overview & Purpose: 

  • The purpose of this guide is to provide answers and expectations during this time of Continuous Learning. 
  • Students will be offered both online activities and activities that may be completed at home. Computers and Internet are NOT required. Our goal is to maintain student engagement, thinking, and problem solving while providing a sense of stability to our students and families. How Students Will Receive Work: 
  • All Students may download Continuous Learning Guides from, then click on “Schools”, select the appropriate school, and click on the Continuous Learning Link. Please download and print guides if possible to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Elementary parents/guardians/students may collect Continuous Learning Guides curbside on the following dates: Monday, April 6 from 4:00-6:00 PM Monday, April 20 from 4:00-6:00 PM Monday, May 4 from 4:00-6:00 PM 
  • Elementary Pick-up Locations: Garfield-Main Entrance, Liberty-West Parking Lot, Lincoln-East Side Drop-off Area, Roosevelt-East Parking Lot, Trout-In front of School, Union-In Front of School, Washington PreK-In Front of School, Woodlands-West Parking Lot 
  • Secondary Parents/guardians/students may collect Continuous Learning guides on the following dates: Monday, April 6 from 4:00-6:00 PM Monday, April 13 from 4:00-6:00 PM Monday, April 27 from 4:00-6:00 PM 
  • Secondary Pick-up Locations: West Middle School-East Parking Lot in Bus Loading Zone, East Middle School-Main Entrance-West Side of School, Ponca City High School-Main Entrance on 5th Street 
  • Basic school supplies will be available during pick-up if needed. 
  • Wildcat Academy Students will continue with Edgenuity. The Wildcat Academy Staff will be in contact with all students/families. 
  • If parents are unable to download Continuous Learning Plans or collect them from the principal during the specified date and time, they may be collected the next morning from a bin at the front door of each site. How Students Will Submit Work: 
  • Continuous Learning Schedules may be submitted online to the teacher or principal, or may be returned during Continuous Learning Collection times as stated above. Please submit digitally if possible to stop the spread of COVID-19. Bins will be available at each site. Principals will be on-site, as listed on the next page, beginning April 6. Remember to put names on work submitted in bins. School library books may be returned in the bins with submitted Continuous Learning. 
  • Continuous Learning Instruction will end on May 8. However, activities may be submitted through May 15. Communication: 
  • Certified teachers will be communicating with each family at least once per week. These communications will take place via email, phone calls, Zoom, Class Dojo, Remind, and Google Hang-out. Teachers will be in contact the week of April 6, and principals will be on-site to answer questions as listed on the next page, beginning April 6. 

Special Education/504/EL Students: 

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) 504s, English Language Academic Plans will be followed to the greatest extent possible. 
  • A Temporary Continuous Learning Plan will be developed for each student on an IEP to outline the delivery of services, including related services. Parents will be contacted to review the plan. 
  • IEP and 504 meetings will be held through phone or video conference according to the current timeline unless an in person meeting is requested by the parent via letter, email, text, or other form of written communication. All IEP/504 team members are required to participate. Expectations: 
  • Students will be expected to complete assignments given by their teachers through home activities or digital learning, or a combination of both. 
  • Students are expected to participate in learning for suggested time frames as recommended by the State Department of Education. Please see the chart below for the recommended number of total minutes per day for all subjects combined. 

PreK & K 1st & 2nd Grade 3rd-5th Grade 6th-12th Grade 45 minutes 70 minutes 80 minutes 180 minutes 

  • Parents will need to actively monitor student progress and pick-up and submit activities as described on the previous page. 
  • No student’s grade will be adversely affected due to a global pandemic. 
  • Assignments made prior to Spring Break will be accepted toward improvement of a grade. These may be submitted digitally to the teacher or arrangements may be made with a principal. Senior Information: 
  • Ponca City High School counselors will be reaching out to EVERY Senior ASAP. 
  • Transcripts are available through the link on the Ponca City High School webpage. 
  • No senior will be penalized as far as class standing regarding grades based on Continuous Learning. 
  • We are planning a graduation ceremony either at a later date, virtually, or possibly both depending on approval from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Governor. We will recognize our seniors as they deserve to be recognized, and we have some creative ideas already in the process. Meals: 
  • The Ponca City Public School Child Nutrition Personnel are preparing Grab-and-Go Meals for all Ponca City children, ages 1-18. Lunch and the following day’s breakfast will be in the grab-and-go bags. 
  • The meals are available Monday-Friday 11:00 AM-12:30 PM at the following sites: 

Garfield Elementary Ponca City High School—5th Street Entrance Union Elementary West Middle School—West Side Drive Through Meals are Transported to White Eagle Daily for Children Living at White Eagle 

Contact Information and Hours : 

  • Principals will be on-site to take phone calls from parents on the following days and times beginning April 6: Mondays: 9:00-12:00, Tuesdays: 9:00-12:00, Thursdays: 9:00-12:00 
  • Contact Information: Central Administration—580-767-8000 

Superintendent-Shelley Arrott: [email protected] Executive Director of Curriculum-Barbara Cusick: [email protected] Associate Director of Elementary Education-Teri Vogele: [email protected] Director of Special Services-Amy Swartz: [email protected] Director of Technology-Ryan Dooley: [email protected] Executive Director of Finance-Brenda Storie: [email protected] Executive Director of Human Resources-Curtis Layton: [email protected] Executive Director of Operations-Bret Smith: [email protected] Director of Child Nutrition-Liz Glaser: [email protected] Director of Maintenance-Tony Smith: [email protected] Director of Transportation-Randy Empting: [email protected] Washington PreK Center—580-767-8080 Principal-Tina Fisher: [email protected] Garfield Elementary—580-767-8030 Principal-Katy Thomason: [email protected] Liberty Elementary—580-767-8040 Principal-Lori Cox: [email protected] Lincoln Elementary—580-767-8050 Principal-Liz Hargraves: [email protected], Assistant Principal-Dawn Mills: [email protected] Roosevelt Elementary—580-767-8060 Principal-Ronda Merrifield: [email protected] Trout Elementary—580-767-8070 Principal-Carla Fry: [email protected] Union Elementary—580-767-8035 Principal-Jennifer Dye: [email protected] Woodlands Elementary—580-767-8025 Principal-Tim Williams: [email protected] West Middle School—580-767-8020 Principal-Stacey Sattre: [email protected], Assistant Principal/6th Grade-Cathy Bible: [email protected], Assistant Principal/7th Grade-Kevin LaRue: [email protected] East Middle School—580-767-8010 Principal-Denton Long: [email protected], Assistant Principal-Keith Crocker: [email protected] Ponca City High School—580-767-9500 Principal-Thad Dilbeck: [email protected]; Assistant Principal-Dr. Dalana Hawkins/Student Last Name-A-Go: [email protected]; Assistant Principal-Sean Taglialatela/Student Last Name-Gr-O: [email protected]; Assistant Principal-Krystina Muralt/Student Last Name-P-Z: [email protected] Athletic Director-Jason Leavitt: [email protected] Director of Virtual Instruction and Wildcat Academy: [email protected]